About me

I was born in 1979 at Lake Constance. At the age of 8 I started windsurfing and with that my passion for this sport.

Since that time, windsurfing has fascinated me and I could never let go. After the hard beginnings, gliding, from waterstart to loop and freestyle maneuvers, I have learned a lot and gained valuable experience in the field of windsurfing. Besides my passion for windsurfing, I work as a design engineer in a medium-sized company and I am happy to always discover new ways in my job with creativity. Maybe it was the mixture of work and hobby which inspired me to create a product for you to enjoy the sport.

How did I get this idea?

Some time ago I went on vacation with a friend to Lake Garda to teach her how to windsurf. I borrowed a "beginner's board" from a friend at the time, without thinking beforehand what would actually happen to the highly sensitive carbon board if the mast hit the surfboard. On the spot, I suddenly noticed: "Oh no, what happens if the board breaks now, what do I do then?" I quickly came up with a solution. I found a way to cover the borrowed windsurfing board with not so pretty sleeping mats and hoped that this would prevent any damage. I was in the beginning of freestyle windsurfing at that time and basically had the same problem as my friend - because the sail quickly gets out of control while practicing and the beloved surfboard is broken and the valuable surfing day is gone. That made me think a lot and I decided to think intensively about this problem. It should be something that combines function, weight, design and universality and makes beginners as well as advanced windsurfers happy. Through many prototypes and test rides, the Surfbent windsurf board protector was born.

Surfing is life – Hang loose

Andreas Boos

It is not only the sport, but also the people who have encouraged and supported me to develop this product and to keep going.

I hope to have created a product that will inspire you to enjoy this unique sport.