Andrej Oberreich's foil training in Turkey


Andrej's windsurfing foil training during his summer vacation in Turkey

"It all started at home in front of the house when we put my foilboard well packed together with the rig into the boardbag. Before that my father had sawed off an older mast so that we could also transport a complete rig in the boardbag of the foilboard.
We wanted to be independent on the spot, because we didn't know which material could be rented on the beach of Calis.
The foil mast as well as the fuselage we also put in the boardbag. The other things, like the front/backwing, the screws, the Surfbent, helmet, neoprene etc) we distributed in our suitcases.

The next day we brought my foilboard to the bulky luggage . At 2:30 p.m. we flew off to Turkey.

As we arrived in Turkey, we were picked up by a small bus, which my parents had organized especially because of the board, and drove us to the hotel Jiva Beach Resort near Fethie.

At the hotel, we first had to realize that we had booked a room on the second floor without an elevator. Kindly the reception allowed us to leave the board in the locked trunk of the hotel for the time being.  After three days it was not allowed to leave it in the trunk. But we were lucky, because the hotel staff agreed that we could store the bag in the hallway of the first floor under the stairs for the rest of the vacation. From the two roof terraces we had a beautiful view of the sea and the whole bay.

We could leave my sail at the hotel's own surf school on the beach.  

This very small station had only beginner material and about 800 meters to the right on the beach there was a second station where you could rent much more.

The conditions there are optimal for windfoiling. The beach of Calis is stony. But don't worry the stones are not sharp, it's more round gravel. As soon as you get into the water the bottom is fine sand without stones or other obstacles.


Every day there are four to five Beaufort winds there from about 11:00 to about 17:00. The waves are about half a meter high, the wind is full onshore almost every day.
In the two weeks I was on the water every day and practiced the foil jibe flown through and also the controlled (felt) kilometer-long straight flying without touchdown could be practiced intensively.


In summary, I can only say that it was a great family vacation, where I could train perfectly in fantastic foil conditions.  

I can recommend the spot for windfoiling without any restrictions."

Hang Loose
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