Andrej Oberreich wins bronze medal at the Windsurf National League Finals


Andrej Oberreich 575 wins bronze medal at the Windsurf National League Finals

From 22.09.2022 to 25.09.2022 I participated at the final of the Windsurf National League in Hüde at the Dümmer See, Germany. My father accompanied me.

For such big events you even get a certificate of school exemption from the German Windsurfing Association (DWSV), which is why we started early on Fridays in Frankfurt am Main and arrived at Lake Dümmer at around 10:00 in the morning.

When we arrived at the lake, we first moved into our accommodation for this weekend, a very old caravan from the 80s. We were lucky that the Campground owner provided us with his private caravan for the two nights.

Mr. Höfelmeier had brought the "oldie" as he called the caravan, especially from another place and told us that this old vehicle was still from his parents.

You can also camp at this lake but since this weekend was very mixed weather and rain, we felt very comfortable in the caravan with working heating. It was also a real experience, a bit like a trip back in time.

The weather for the regatta was unfortunately very bad. Friday and Saturday, with little wind and steady drizzle, a total of 5 races could be completed. However, the excitement was very high, because on Saturday evening Felix and I, and so our team from SC- Mainz were equal in points with another team of two girls from Surendorf.

I decided to give everything on Sunday morning, because there should be 2 more races and we didn't want to end up on the fourth place.

We wanted to get on the winners' podium and finally win a medal or even a trophy.

On Sunday, the weather was much nicer. It didn't rain, the wind was better and we were able to beat the girls' team. At the award ceremony, which took place around 14:30, we finally got our medal.

Now it was certain, we had the bronze medal and nobody can take it away from us.

Sunday afternoon, we headed home to Frankfurt with my father.

I was very tired but also very happy.

Hang Loose

Andrej Oberreich 575


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