Interview with our Norwegian distributor - Romain Jourdan

Hi Surfbent! Really happy to answer your questions. You are doing a great job!


For how long have you been using the Surfbent wbp, and what are your experiences with the Surfbent wbp?

I started windfoiling at the real beginning in 2017, and soon realized that the risk of catapults when learning how to windfoil is very high, and damages are consequent as you are falling from a high position on the foil. I soon discovered the Surfbent which was just launched on the market and used it when foiling. It gave me confidence and I was not afraid to fall anymore.

I have had many catapults since, but never had any damages on my board.

Today I’m recommending and selling the Surfbent ( to all windfoil beginners as I know that it will save you a lot of gear. Many are also afraid that it can break your mast or the mast track of the board, but I have never experienced it, and never got any claim from the hundreds of customers I have served.

I must however say that the rubber joint of the mast foot gets more stress than usual, so my routine is to check the joint before each session, and replace is if I’m in doubt. I definitely prefer to use 30€ euros in a new joint than repairing my board for 200€ 😊



What are your favorite spots for Windsurfing/Foiling in Norway?

The Oslo fjord has a lot of good spots with thermal winds and venturi effects: Drøbak, Bunnefjord, Asker, Larkollen, …

If you are visiting Norway, don’t hesitate to drop me an email and I will give you the hottest tips for a good session!


What is the best time to travel to Norway for Windsurfing?

Norway is a great place to windsurf, but unfortunately the season is rather short due to the long winter. In the summer you often have summer breezes but not very strong winds, and foiling has therefore become a game changer for many, as you can go out windsurfing three times more often than before in the summer breeze.

But those who are living on the west coast have a longer season thanks to the gulf stream, giving warmer temperatures and good windsurfing conditions throughout the year if you have a solid wetsuit.


When in Norway – is there a special dish you have to try?

There are many traditional dishes which have century traditions. Often cured meat of fishes, which have been the way people preserved food for ages before we got refrigerators. Rakfisk, pinnekjøtt, dry cod, smalahove,… are some of these traditional meals. I don’t know if I would recommend any of them though 😊


Are there any typical liquors of the country? 😉

With traditional meals which are often full of flavours and very salty, you need a proper drink and not a fine pinot noir which would not have enough power to match the food. That’s why the local liquor Aquavit is often preferred to wine during Christmas celebrations for example. It’s a 40% spirit aromatized with herbs and spices like caraway and dill and aged in oak casks, and which is a good match with a local beer. A kind of mix between gin and whisky…


Romain Jourdan

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