Interview with Surfshop Fehmarn

We are very happy that Surfshop Fehmarn - a very good customer from the beginning on - took some time to answer our questions.


What is special about your shop and your location in general?

We have hardware and that not too less, 800sqm of outdoor space and we take time for customers for an extensive consultation, whether new or used.


Where are the best surf spots in your area?

Flat water, raceing and jibes best in Gold, wave if the wind is good in Altenteil, for the Baltic Sea always quite good.


Is the Surfbent sold more for foiling or for windsurfing?

Foil is almost non-existent here, but very popular among windsurfers, however.


What are your experiences with the Surfbent and what kind of feedback do you get?

The second generation makes sense with the matching mast base. Bad for our workshop, but good for the customers... 😊



If you are in the area visit Surfshop Fehmarn!


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