Interview with Telstar Surf

We proudly present an interview with Telstar Surf - a very good customer in the Netherlands. Enjoy reading...


What is special about your shop and your location in general?

It is a central location in the Netherlands and close to a popular surfspot: Strand Horst. Our megashop is a multi brand surf experience. We are the surfwarehouse for all of Europe.


Where are the best surf spots in your area?

In the Netherlands you have several good surfspots and everything is nearby within a 1-1.5 hour drive. At 500 meter distance there is a good windsurf/kitesurf/wingsurf and SUP spot Strand Horst. We have a multi discipline surfschool + rental and Beachclub there.


Is the Surfbent sold more for foiling or for windsurfing?

At our shop the Surfbent is mostly sold for windsurfboards and windfoil boards.


What are your experiences with the Surfbent and what kind of feedback do you get?

We get a very good feedback and it is a good protection. It safes a lot of damages to your surfboard.



If you are in the Netherlands Telstar Surf!



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