Lisa Kloster in Vieste


We are happy that Lisa shared her experiences at the EFPT tour stop in Vieste with us. Please enjoy reading!


I am sitting in the airport waiting for boarding and reflecting on last week´s competition right now. The Vieste Tourstop of the Freestyle Pro Tour was the first fin freestyle stop for the women this year. I was super excited to go to Vieste (Gargano), because I have never been there before. Some big names like Maaike Huverman, Clare Elliott and Oda Johanne Brødholt registered for this event as well, which made me really excited.

The first days were quite calm. Due to strange weather in the last weeks in Italy, some clouds showed up. This stopped the thermal winds from blowing strong enough for the fin. At least we could watch some impressive heats of the foilstyle fleet.

I was checking the forecast every hour, having my fingers crossed for wind. On the last day of the competition some stronger gusts came though the beautiful bay. It was finally time to fin freestyle. After some heats of the men, it was our time. I went on the water with my 4.8, just like most of the other girls. But suddenly the wind dropped off a bit, so the heat had to be cancelled. I went back and got my 5.2 out of the gear tent. It was already rigged, but as I never sailed a 5.2 before in my life, I wanted to stick to the one I was used to. As the wind picked up again, I carried my gear upwind to be ready for a new start of the heat. I was standing on the beach super nervous with my new 5.2. Will I stick moves with this massive Sail?

The heat started and with some pumps I was able to plan. The conditions were still really difficult, but I was able to fill up my score sheet.

I was super excited to sail my first ever final in an international competition. I sailed the final against my good friend Maaike Huvermann and I was even able to stick a Shaka, Flaka and Funnel in these light gusts on my 5.2.

I ended up in second place. Sooooo stoked about that result. My winter training in Tarifa paid off.

Cheers, Lisa





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