Luka Mratovic at the iQFOiL World Championship in Brest


The performance when competing in Windsurfing championships is alwas very strongly depending on the wind and weather conditions. Surfbent is always very proud when our team riders show their talent and present the Surfbent in big competitions.
We are happy to learn more about Luka's time in Brest, France and his participation at the iQFOiL World Championship:


"I arrived in Brest 2 weeks before the competition to see the conditions and test the equipment a little bit better.

During that period there were 40 guys or more every day on the water when the conditions were suitable.

When conditions were bad for foiling we went surfing on the spots around the Brest.

Waves were very nice and the surfing good but overall the weather was very bad with lots of rain.


First day of the competition we had zero wind so we waited all day on the shore.

Next day we have very shifty strong but patchy wind. So you had to be lucky to not do any mistakes.

I did it a lot in slalom. Had one crash and I think that put me out of gold fleet.

In course race I was much better and achieved the 12th place.

After that day I continued in silver witch is middle of the fleet.

We had 3 fleet gold, silver and bronze.

Overall i wasn't very happy with slalom performance but with course I am happy.

Finished 74 from 165 guys.

Lets see what the next competition will bring."



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