Off to the North - Part 2

As already written in Part 1, I was welcomed at the Ringköbing Fjord with a lot of wind and sun. The surf spot Bork Haven offers everything you need, a great parking lot with a lawn next to the harbor for rigging, flat water with shallow water and lots of wind. The water level in the shore area is very you should take good care of your fin. Besides the super surf session I met Olli from the Surfclub Kiel. We had great conversations and a great time together on the water. Afterwards we prepared the small birthday party of our son for the next day in the camper.

In Bork Haven we celebrated a great birthday with our son, he had a lot of fun that day.

After a short detour to Legoland, we headed for Cold Hawaii - Klitmöller. It's hard to miss that this little place is pretty much all about surfing. The surfer flair and the great waves definitely make this place something special. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough wind for windsurfing, but I definitely wouldn't want to miss this little side trip.

The wonderful nature with the kilometer long sandy beaches on the west coast of Denmark inspired all of us very much.


In Blockhus on the west coast we stayed on a very large sandy beach and met a Danish family. It was a special moment for us on our trip to watch the sun go down with such great people in the middle of a sandy beach.

Our journey continued via Skagen to the northernmost point where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet. Here the water colors are almost like in the Caribbean. At the port of Skagen you can eat very good fish and visit a very nice town.

Then we left Denmark and took the ferry from Frederikshaven to Göteborg. We headed to the west coast to the surf spot Varberg, unfortunately there was not enough wind here either and we decided to visit the beautiful city.

After we met a very nice family on the ferry, we dropped our original plan to travel the west coast and traveled inland to the lakes towards Vimberby to Pippi Longstocking. Here childhood dreams came true and we all found ourselves a bit back in our childhood. A very special place, designed with much love for children, the attitude to life of Pippi was transported very well.

After a long time of surfing abstinence, I now had a strong need to get out on the water again. At Hultsfred in a small lake I went surfing with my 5.7m2 sail. It had 4-5 bft in gusts.


The wind gusts were so short that I hardly got into gliding, so I made myself a bearable day with low wind maneuvers. An uneven water depth did not allow the foil here.

Then we headed to Ölland, a beautiful island on the east coast of Sweden. Maybe it was the hot temperatures but even here it was not windy and we spent a great time with hiking, swimming, etc. with the nice family which we had met.

We now slowly made our way back to Germany. Over the Öresund Bridge to Rödby and then to Fehmarn... where windsurfing was the focus again.


We finally arrived at a large campsite in the south of Fehmarn... we had already been there 5 years ago and knew there was everything we could wish for here. Wind, delicious food, great playgrounds, a very good surf school and great conversations. An absolute highlight on our trip was that my former team rider Lasse Bönecke visited me. On this day it had 6 in gusts 7 bft and I had to go on the water already at noon.... So I surfed almost 3 hours with perfect conditions. At 5 pm Lasse came over...first stroke out...speed loop...I could still keep up...everything that came next was beyond my understanding😊...Lasse put one move after the other on the water. After this incredibly beautiful session we had a pizza, great conversations and a beer....Thank you Lasse for this great day.

On Fehmarn we spent a few more days with good wind and drove with two small stops through Germany to the south until we arrived back home.

It was a wonderful, precious time for us and I am very grateful that we could do this. Thanks a lot for your recommendations. Many windy greetings.

Hang loose


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