Sebastian Bail in Pozo


"Three weeks in the windsurfing paradise Pozo to daily push my level with the best windsurfers and, during the last week, to participate in the legendary Pozo PWA Windsurfworldcup. That was my plan for this summer and I couldn't wait to get on the road. When I arrived on the spot, I lived together with some friends, of course all ambitious surfers, in a small apartment on the outskirts of town. During the first two weeks, Pozo showed itself at its best, so I got used to a too big 3.3 sail and 2-3 sessions a day, after which I always fell into bed totally exhausted.

I also liked the people we met there, be it new surfers, other motivated young people or the established World Cup star, all of them were very open-minded and helpful. During the Worldcup we were a bit unlucky, the wind dropped and often came in gusts, so when we had enough wind, the focus was on the pros and not on us in the U20. Unfortunately we could only sail a single elemination, in which I was beaten by the Brazilian and former youth world champion Jahdahn Tyger. Nevertheless, I am extremely happy with my progress during this time and was proud to be able to present Surfbent on the biggest stage in the windsurfing world."





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