Surfbent is off to the North

We finally started... the long awaited trip to the north started for us on Friday the 19th of May from Lindau/Bodolz. Unfortunately, we did not get very far with our camper on this day. A red flashing oil lamp on the dashboard of our camper forced us just before Ulm to stop at a rest area.

After a short check, also by the ADAC, this was only a service signal of the oil change. Since oil level, oil pressure, etc. was ok, we continued to drive and spent the night close by a Fiat workshop near Ulm to have an oil change done the next morning, just to be on the safe side.

In addition with the oil change, a new damage by a marten was found in terms of a chewed off cable from the generator plug. The starter battery would no longer have been charged!

The guys from the workshop were very nice and quickly changed the plug. So we were lucky and could continue our journey after about 3 hours.

A stop at a great playground near Fulda, followed by a delicious dinner on a picnic blanket, was very relaxing for all of us after the exciting day.

We then drove in the evening, after the children were very tired, to Großheide on a private campsite. Here we were very warmly welcomed. The place is beautifully designed and had everything we could wish for. We decided to stay here for two nights and explored the beautiful area by bike.

We really liked the small town of Norden, especially the seal station/clinic was very interesting for us and the kids - valuable work is done here, as young and sick seals are nursed and cared for, which otherwise would probably not survive in the wild - they make sure that the animals can be released back into the wild.

Our journey now continued to Budjadingen. The small town is located between Wilhelmshaven and Bremerhaven and had our camper not been too far away from the water on a farm, this would have been my first surf day on the Wadden Sea. The wind here had about 5Bft and nice freeride and freestyle conditions. Unfortunately it was not easy to get to the water here.

Our next stop was Meldorf and this is not only a beautiful surf spot but also a very relaxed, idyllic spot with delicious fish sandwiches and a great campsite. I had a nice surf day here with 5.7m2 and could really enjoy being on the water again.


We left Germany and arrived on Römö, a small island on which you can drive with the camper over a dam. Here you can drive with the camper on a very wide and kilometer-long beach and pick a dream spot. Unfortunately, relaxed sunbathing was on the agenda, because the wind on the two days we were there was not strong enough for surfing. Nevertheless, I think that this is a great spot and also the whole family has fun there.


Friends have recommended us a great campsite near Oksby. Here the family was the main focus for once! It's really a great place with everything you could wish for... Children's playhouses, western town with great programs, lovingly built indoor pool with slides and wellness. Yes there is everything here!

Our next stop is a well-known surf spot 😊, as I have quite a longing for wind and water again. Our destination is the Ringkobing Fjord and the wind forecasts currently look very good...

I can tell you already, it was awesome. Just read Part 2 in the next newsletter. We will also tell you about beautiful places and beaches with pictures, which reflect the impressions.

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