SURFBENT mast base update


Now there is finally an update on our mast base project.

The first prototypes were sent out to our team riders and tested in various disciplines, also under extreme conditions. In the process, a constructional weak point was discovered in one area of the mast foot.


Basically, and we are very pleased about this, we are on the right track with our concept. The design change in the area of the weak point was not easy to solve, because we want to offer you a perfect product that does not deviate from our concept and does not compromise.

After some scenarios that we went through, we found a very good solution.


All prototypes were reworked and tested by me in advance at 7-8bft and a few spins. Everything performed very well and worked very well.

Currently, the revised models are with our team riders and will be tested again thoroughly.

A new product development is a very exciting and demanding thing and can't be put into words. We hope you like it when we take you on a part of this journey and you can also experience the ups and downs of a product development. We are looking forward to the feedback of our team riders and will keep you up to date.




Your Surfbent Team

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