Surfbent road trip - Part 2

The journey continues in the Peloponnese region of Greece. Our next stop was in Llia a small town on the west coast north of Pyrgos. Here we stayed at the restaurant IONION BLUE and had a great beach and very good food. Grandma and grandpa joined us and we traveled on together. We went to Tholo, there we made a stopover for one night. Right after breakfast, we drove to the beautiful Voidokilia Beach.


We were hungry and went to the harbor town of Pylos, where we filled our stomachs with fantastic food. With new energy we finally went on to the surf spot Methoni, where we were able to get a spot in the first row by the sea at the Camping Methoni. This time our search for wind was fulfilled and we had fantastic surfing days with up to 6 Bft... a good spot in a bay with offshore islands and a fantastic mountain backdrop during the surf session.

After we left in Methoni with our camper, I thought my girlfriend had locked all the windows and she thought that I had done so.... This resulted in losing our window from the alcove somewhere on the road.

Quickly the Vaba Center in Kressbronn organized a new window and delivered it to a campsite in Gargano. Many thanks to the guys of the Vaba Center for this very professional and fast help!

In the same region we also visited a very good surf spot called Koroni... there is also a small surf school of Werner and I remember from my past that I had great surf days and a lot of fun with friends here. A magical place I will never forget... Unfortunately there was no wind when we were there. However, I met Sabine a friend from the past, which made me very happy.

In the land of olives, of course, you can not pass by Kalamata and so we settled there on a campsite and celebrated our son's birthday nicely.

At a small farm we bought delicious olive oil and continued to a rather unknown but as it turned out later great surf spot on the small island in the south-west of the Peloponnese called Elafonisi.

We were not only spoiled with perfect wind conditions, but also an incredible water, of a bright blue color in the whole bay which made us feel like being in the Caribbean. It has certainly been one of my most beautiful surfing day there.

In Elafonisi a windsurfer from Switzerland had discovered our newly foiled camper.

We promoted on our social media channels, that every windsurfer who discovers our camper on our Greece trip gets a cold beer and a small gift. Andi the surfer from Switzerland received a well chilled beer and a Surfbent wbp as a gift..... he was very happy. We had one more day of surfing together, then we had to continue our trip.

After a few nights at Kourouta we had to leave beautiful Greece with all the great impressions and great people we met there. After a nice conversation with a gas station attendant in Patras, it turned out that he is a windsurfer. It was such a nice, random meeting that I gave him a Surfbent as a present. He was very happy about the little gift :)

Then, we were off to Italy and were excited about visiting this beautiful country with its culture and the delicious food.

Our first stop in Vieste Gargano was simply beautiful and, besides good windy days, we had the opportunity to visit a big surf school, which has our Surfbents now for about two years successfully in use. The conditions for most windsurfers are perfect there and there is a very beautiful landscape with delicious Italian food.

Families are also welcome everywhere... Also our lost alcove window was reliably delivered to this campsite. Unfortunately I chose the wrong campsite to stay at. The EFTP event was at exactely the same time in Vieste – only one bay away. It was really sad for me, but my family didn't think it was that bad…

We said goodbye to beautiful Gargano and headed inland to Umbria to Lago di Bolsena. This lake has thermal winds and is great for windsurfing with large foil material. Nevertheless, we had one day with a good wind with initially 3-4 bft for foil with 5.7m² and later good freestyle conditions with 5-6 bft. With our camper we parked in the first row and had incredibly beautiful sunsets. The silence at this place was outstanding..... it seemed like being completely far away from stress and hustle.

An ideal place to recover 😊.


Now it was time for our son to go to a special place. There was a campsite near San Vincenzo that we visited two years ago and he kept talking about it.

Our son was very excited when he realized to campsite we were going to. Family time is very important here and we enjoyed our time there very much.

Our next stop, will be dedicated to windsurfing again and we are really looking forward to our favorite spot Lake Como, before heading back home after this long, beautiful trip....

Until then we wish you great surfing days with lots of fun on the water 🤙


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