The new SURFBENT mast base


With much joy and passion we are working on our new project "Surfbent mast base".
We put a special focus on a simple and quick release and adjustment of the mast base and a very solid tendon / elastomer.
In addition, the Surfbent mast base should work perfectly with the Surfbent windsurf board protector.

My twin brother developed a new innovative system for Surfbent, which allows easy locking and unlocking of the mast base.
In the past, a woman had talked to me at a surf spot and pointed out the problem that she often couldn't get the mast base off the board. I thought about it and had to realize that I also often had to hit the mast base with my extension to get it off the board.

After the release system / adjustment system was developed, we now had to find a design for the tedon.

Our first idea was to inject the tendon/elastomer with the top and bottom parts (connectors to the rig and mast base. However, we had some disadvantages here and could not solve them with the design. A new solution had to be found!

Then, during a brainstorming among my family, a great idea came up on how we can create a perfect joint, which is not only very stable, but also offers great advantages for the customer. A second injection mold was built and perfected over many steps.



Our new mast base is developed for you according to the following criteria:

  • Very easy to adjust
  • Easy to dismount (even if there is sand or dirt under the friction plate or the board has stretched a bit because it was in the sun)
  • Very stable and durable (our idea of sustainability)
  • Easy replacement of the elastomer / tendon
  • Lightweight
  • Low build-up / height
  • High quality requirements for manufacturing and materials – "Made in Germany"
  • High safety level
  • Ergonomically shaped, no disturbing edges etc.
  • Best possible protection effect when using the Surfbent windsurf board protector for your board, because we can exactly adjust the elasticity of the tendon
  • Sophisticated design


Currently we have several prototypes in the test phase. As soon as this is finished, the Surfbent mast base will be available for you.

We are looking forward to present you a very good product soon, which is innovative and will offer many advantages for all of us surfers.

Your Surfbent Team

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