Can the mast track be damaged by the resulting leverage effect with pivot point between mast mounting and WBP?

During numerous tests over a period of almost 3 years with different surfboard types and using a wide variety of mast base mounts, we have not recorded a single damaged mast track.

Why does the guide part have to break in case of strong, especially lateral impact of the mast on the WBP (spare part is included in the delivery)?

Since a lateral impact of the mast can cause a large torque/impulse that could damage the mast track, the guide part was designed with a predetermined breaking point and thus MUST break under corresponding load. Should this happen, it is not a cause for concern or a reason to doubt the function, design and choice of material.

Can the Surfbent wbp damage your sail protector?

With some sail manufacturers, there is a possibility that the use of the Surfbent wbp can chafe the underlay / sail protector. This only affects manufacturers who use a neoprene-like material in the sail protector.

If you have such a sail, fold the underlay / sail protector inward so that your mast extension works directly on the Surfbent wbp.

Can I use the WBP for foilsurfing?

Yes, the WBP is great for foilsurfing.

Which boards are best suited for use with the WBP?

We have recorded the best effect with boards under 2.50 m in length. With longer boards, the boom will have the initial contact with the board before the mast hits the nose.

Can mast bases with joint be used?

When using a rigid mast base with joint, damage can occur to the joint of the mast base or to the mast extension, as the energy cannot be dissipated via the elastomer.

Why is a softpad fixed under the WBP?

The pad protects the area below the WBP from paint damage. In addition, the pad improves the stable fixation of the WBP on the board. Another advantage is that the guide part has to absorb fewer forces. The limit of the predetermined breaking point is therefore reached less quickly.

Can the WBP be used for different boards?

Yes, it can be mounted on all common windsurfing boards. Unlike fixed mounted protectors, the WBP can be switched from one board to the next as needed.

Which mast bases can be used?

All standard mast bases with a diameter of max. 122 mm can be used and find sufficient space in the mounting area of the WBP. The best test results were achieved with Tedon mast bases. It is also possible to use 2-pin systems.

Lagoon, Sunset, Storm and Ocean. Do the colors have different functions?

No. Among other things, we have adapted the colors to the current board collections and thus there should be the right model for every taste.

Why are two guide parts included in the scope of delivery?

The second guide part is included as a spare part in every delivery.

Is the trim range of the mast track restricted?

No, because the WBP is mounted with the mast base and is not additionally mounted in the mast track. This means that the mast track can still be used in its entire range.

Does the WBP have a negative effect on windsurfing/foilsurfing?

No. The WBP makes windsurfing easier in many ways. For example, during a shotstart it is possible for the rig to already displace a lot of water from the sail by edging to the surfboard and can thus be pulled noticeably easier out of the water. During the waterstart, the laterally rising collar of the WBP allows the rig to be held more comfortably in the water for the start position. If you want to maneuver the board under the sail it may feel a little awkward at first.... but with a little hint this quickly becomes easier. To do this, simply press down the board tip actively. A positive side effect is the protection of the monofilm. The typical grinding marks are thus avoided with appropriate handling.

Why is the WBP made of solid material?

The selected plastic with a Shore hardness of 70-80 proved to be a significantly better choice of material during the test phases. With a soft material, the elevation had to be built up very far so that sufficient distance could be realized to dissipate the necessary energy. In the case of series production, this would have led to a major restriction in handling. In addition, a soft material mix made it more difficult for the rig to slide off.

Which areas of the windsurf board can be protected?

Due to its geometric shape, the WBP can protect the entire deck area of the board except for the tail.

Is the WBP only suitable for professionals?

No, the WBP serves its purpose for all skill levels, from beginners to freestyle and/or wave pro.

Is the additional weight and the position noticeable during the use?

No. The WPB was produced with a correspondingly reduced weight and its central positioning directly around the base of the mast maintains the balance of the board at a 100%. This was, among other things, the condition in freestyle.

Can the WBP show signs of wear and tear?

No. When selecting the material, great priority was given to UV resistance and resistance when used in salt water. Optical wear, especially in the upper area of the WBP, has no influence on the function. On the contrary, every visual defect proves that the WBP has done its job.

Can the WBP be mounted incorrectly?


Does the WBP protect 100%?

No. As in any sport, there will always be areas where a protector reaches its limits. Nevertheless, during development, testing and current implementation, everything was done to cover possible situations in the areas of beginners, advanced and pros.

Can a Power XT mast extension be used together with the Surfbent wbp?

When using a PowerXT mast extension, damage to the extension may occur under certain circumstances.


Enjoy your Surfbent Windsurf Board Protector.
We appreciate any feedback and will gladly incorporate it into further development.