Team riders

Lisa Kloster


  • Place of residence: Kiel
  • Sail number: G-444
  • Year of birth: 1999
  • Sponsors: Surfbent, Sailloft Hamburg, MB Boards, Xcel Wetsuits, Wave Hawaii and Salty Heads
  • Discipline: Freestyle
  • Successes:
    FPT Awards "Best Move of 2022 (women)
    1st place GFB 2022
    3rd Freestyle Pro Tour 2022
    5th place PWA Worldtour 2021

Nico Fox


  • Place of residence: La Manche, France
  • Sponsors: Surfbent, Clinique de la planche, Goya Windsurf, RICO Composites, F-One, Patrik
  • Discipline: Windsurf, Windfoil, SUP race and wave and wing

Maurizio Moritz


  • Place of residence: Mödling near Vienna, Austria
  • Sail number: OE 50
  • Year of birth: 2002
  • Sponsors: Surfbent, JibeWear, Vitamin Well, ProlineSolutions, Hangloose Surfshop Wien
  • Discipline: Freestyle
  • Successes: 2020 U18, 4th place Austrian Freestyle Championship, 18th place EFPT Austria, 25th place EFPT Theologos

Andrej Oberreich


  • Place of residence: Frankfurt/Main
  • Sail number: 575
  • Year of birth: 2009
  • Sponsors: Surfbent, Gunsails
  • Disciplines: Race, Foil, Wave
  • Successes: 2020 4th place U13 (BIC – Techno) Individual, 2021 2nd place U13 (BIC – Techno) Individual,
    2022 3rd place (BIC – Techno) Team, 2nd place U15 annual ranking 2022