Team riders

Lisa Kloster


  • Place of residence: Kiel
  • Sail number: G-444
  • Year of birth: 1999
  • Sponsors: Surfbent, Sailloft Hamburg, MB Boards, Xcel Wetsuits, Wave Hawaii and Salty Heads
  • Discipline: Freestyle
  • Successes:
    FPT Awards "Best Move of 2022 (women)
    1st place GFB 2022
    3rd Freestyle Pro Tour 2022
    5th place PWA Worldtour 2021

Nico Fox


  • Place of residence: La Manche, France
  • Sponsors: Surfbent, Clinique de la planche, Goya Windsurf, RICO Composites, F-One, Patrik
  • Discipline: Windsurf, Windfoil, SUP race and wave and wing


Sebastian Bail


  • Place of residence: Kiel
  • Sail number: G-150
  • Year of birth: 2003
  • Sponsors: Surfbent, Patrik, Soöruz, Surfline Kiel and Cold Bro Coffee
  • Disciplines: Wave
  • Successes:
    2022 Danish vice champion Freestyle U21
    2022 PWA Wave U20 World ranking 7th place
    2021 PWA Wave Youth Worldcup 9th place
    2021 German Youth Champion Raceboard
    2020 German Youth Champion Raceboard
    2018 German champion BIC Techno
    2017 German champion BIC Techno

Maurizio Moritz


  • Place of residence: Mödling near Vienna, Austria
  • Sail number: OE 50
  • Year of birth: 2002
  • Sponsors: Surfbent, JibeWear, Vitamin Well, ProlineSolutions, Hangloose Surfshop Wien
  • Discipline: Freestyle
  • Successes: 2020 U18, 4th place Austrian Freestyle Championship, 18th place EFPT Austria, 25th place EFPT Theologos

Andrej Oberreich


  • Place of residence: Frankfurt/Main
  • Sail number: 575
  • Year of birth: 2009
  • Sponsors: Surfbent, Gunsails
  • Disciplines: Race, Foil, Wave
  • Successes: 2020 4th place U13 (BIC – Techno) Individual, 2021 2nd place U13 (BIC – Techno) Individual,
    2022 3rd place (BIC – Techno) Team, 2nd place U15 annual ranking 2022